The method of
open-air cultivation

The Botticino quarries owned by the Group use the so-called open-air cultivation method, typical of the basin: a processing cycle which from stepped excavation operations leads to the cutting of enormous banks from which square blocks of dimensions such as to allow its transportation.

Diamond wire machines are used for cutting, a technique that Eredi Martinelli was one of the first companies to adopt and which perfectly preserves the quality of the banks and blocks.

The movement inside the quarry and the transport to the construction site for the subsequent processing phases take place with the most modern means, in compliance with the safety regulations for the workers and the integrity of the material.

Eredi Martinelli manages its own quarries in:

  • Botticino, where it extracts the Botticino Classico;
  • Nuvolera, where it extracts the Botticino Semiclassico and Fiorito.

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