The types of MARBLE

The Botticino Classico marble produced by the Eredi Martinelli group is of the finest kind in terms of chromatic effects, structure, compactness and resistance.

Due to these characteristics, Botticino marble can be used for both internal and external works as demonstrated by the various and prestigious architectural creations in every part of the world, from Roman times to today.

Botticino Marble is divided into different types: Botticino Classico, Botticino Semiclassico, Botticino Fiorito and Crema Italia.
This last type is exclusively produced by the Eredi Martinelli group.

Another important production activity of Eredi Martinelli is the processing of Breccia. The Breccia belongs to the same formation as the Botticino, extracted in the neighboring territory in two types: Oniciata and Damascata Breccia.

Eredi Martinelli’s offer is completed with the marketing of various types of colored marble, one above all that of Grigio Italia marble (Grigio Orobico), a hard dark gray stone with veins.

The slab of this particular material offers the visual impact of a painting. Grigio Italia is suitable for open-match installation processes.

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